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Game strategies optimal solutions

game strategies optimal solutions

Game Theory Optimal is a concept usually encountered during a game of Poker. What it means is that the player should be thinking of probabilities and ranges of action as well as analyzing the opponent rather than just seeing the end all.

The fact is that a GTO means you have a mathematical solution for a certain game. In recent times finding GTOs has become a priority for Poker players and have influenced the overall structure of Poker games.

A GTO situation in Poker is usually one in which two players are facing-off and one benefits from the elimination of the other. The conundrum of such a situation is that the reality of someone winning and the other losing leaves out the possibility of collaborative work in Poker. Thus, you might be nearing bust in trying to outdo your opponent, but it’s generally regarded as ok as long as you get the big win, right?

GTO, in plain terms, means that you will attempt, whether constricted by the situation or not, to outplay the other player’s play. You know that they are trying to kick you out of the game and that they surely have a strategy. Thus, you job becomes to outsmart them.

The problem with this kind of thinking is that, even if you are well prepared with a strategy in hand, you must always adjust to the other player’s strategies so it goes on like this forever, provided you have a rather bit pile of chips. Otherwise, one of you will definitely lose.

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