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Gambling ads restrictions on TV

gambling ads restrictions on tv

The UK's public is asking for revision to the ads industry code and the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling is quick to act. The Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising will be improved upon soon, stated the IGRG on Thursday.

While the previously published code, that has been applied starting with 2007, allowed gambling ads to be shown on TV only after 9pm, with bingo and sports betting allowed only within certain parameters, and children's merchandise is to be devoid of sponsor logos, the new code will have quite a few things to add on top.

The newly revised code will implement rules that will not allow casino operators to show sign-up offers on TV before 9pm, a responsible gambling message will be heard at the end of any advert, whether over radio or TV channels, and the illegality of minors under 18 playing any casino game will be made much clearer.

Barry Hardy, chairman of the IGRG stated that “The gambling industry has a responsibility to ensure that it takes all reasonable steps to minimize the extent of problem gambling and to prevent underage gambling from taking place. Socially responsible advertising is essential if that is to be achieved.”

The chairman continued saying that these efforts are in effect to make sure people understand the full implications of online gambling and so that they further raise awareness for the public.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport is the one that proposed the review and any additions are in conformity with their approvals. The new code will start taking effect in about six month's time.

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