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Frequent questions about online gambling

Frequent questions about online gambling

In the fascinating world of online gambling the arisen of questions is inevitable. And that's ok! Because learning is a constant process and there's nothing wrong with wanting to perfect your skills and expanding your gaming knowledge.

For those of you who love learning new things in this field, we have gathered the 4 most frequently asked questions and hope that you will also find some answers that you've been searching for.

1. Are online casinos really safe? How do I recognize a legit license?

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In a nutshell, yes they can be. And we say "can be" because as in any domain, scams can happen. That is exactly why precaution is needed. Whenever you feel tempted to play at an online casino, make sure you check for their license and registration, which must be shown in plain view, probably even on the home page. Online casinos possess licenses in at least one jurisdiction. For your common knowledge, these are the jurisdictions that issue gambling licenses:

Alderney   Alderney - The Alderney Gambling Commission (AGC) allows a "free market approach towards e-gambling" since 2005.

Austria    Austria - the national law states that licenses can only be granted to Austria-based companies that can offer remote gaming services.

Australia    Australia - through the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, this jurisdiction regulates the provision and advertising of interactive gambling services at federal level.

Belgium    Belgium - laws are very strict, but due to the strong tradition of gambling, all legally operating casinos can get their piece of success.

Belize    Belize - although it is a relatively new industry, Belize, is one of the most reputable jurisdictions that maintains high standards when it comes to the online gaming industry.

Costa Rica    Costa Rica - this is a home jurisdiction for more than 200 gambling companies and 300 gambling websites, thus making it one of the most popular jurisdictions.

Curacao & Netherlands Antilles    Curacao & Netherlands Antilles - online gambling was made a central industry for the island of Curacao by the Curacao Gaming Control board, in 2002.

Dominican Republic    Dominican Republic - although not considered a traditional offshore jurisdiction, it does however offer beneficial business opportunities

Estonia    Estonia - although rather new in this field, the Estonian online gambling market shows real potential for quick development. A rather peculiar fact is that the Estonian law states you must own 2 licenses: an activity license and an operating one.

Gibraltar    Gibraltar - this jurisdiction provides licenses for 20 operators under the Gambling Ordinance.

Isle of Man    Isle of Man - the legislative framework set by the Electronic Transactions Act of 2000 and the Online Gambling Regulation Act of 2001 makes this a model country for online gambling. Acknowledged as one of the most reputable white-label jurisdictions, Isle of Man offers the best online gambling services and infrastructure.

Italy    Italy - The Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies (AAMS) manages all gambling matters, including the issuing of licenses.

Malta    Malta - Malta is the very first EU member to deliver remote gambling services and introduce Remote Gambling regulations after the Public Lotto Ordinance Act in 2000.

Kahnawake    Kahnawake - created in 1996, the The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC may issue licenses to Internet-based poker and casino operators and sports-book gambling licenses.

2. What are the most popular online casino games?

popular casino games

It is pretty obvious that your favorite slots can generate real money, so all that you will have to do is to choose the one that will suit best to your personality, gambling style and your financial status and expectations. Slots are quite varied and despite this aspect, you will still be able to find a category that will fulfill all of your requirements and demands. The subsequent lines will divide slots in two categories and will debate the advantages of each of them, as follows:

  • Online slots

    yes, the popular games of chance have found their way on top of this list as well. Popular not only for their simplistic rules, but also for their graphics and sometimes high payouts (you have heard of Progressive Jackpot Slots, haven't you?), online slots are and probably forever will be the most popular online casino game.

    online slots

  • Roulette

    also a game of luck and of great entertainment, may we add, online roulette is a very preferred casino game. The Live Dealer version of this game is also incredibly popular, for reasons which are more than obvious: the real Las Vegas casino vibe and, let's face it - the gorgeous croupiers.

    online roulette

  • Poker

    this spectacular card game puts your skills to the test and keeps its players on the edge of their seat. Worldwide tournaments and an incredible number of variants have turned this ageless pastime into one of the most famous and most preferred online casino games.


  • Blackjack

    also known as Twenty-one, Blackjack is a famous online casino game that features an interesting twist: players only compete against the dealer, but not against themselves

    online blackjack game

3. Is it true that online casinos always win?

bigest casino winner

We know you would have loved for the answer to this question to be NO. But we have a little bad news for you: in the long run, yes, they do. The rules, terms and conditions and betting regulations make it so that on a long-term play, the casino wins a little of, well...your winnings. Ranging from 94.89% to 98.65%, payout percentages are what tilt the scale in the casino's favor.

4. Is there any way I can "trick" the casino in order to win?

win at online slots

Again, we know it would've been amazing if the answer to this would have been YES, but chances are...you're more likely to win at the lottery than cheat a casino. Not only is their software constantly updated and verified, but there are specialists looking into this exact thing: that nobody cheats. And by nobody we mean the casino operator as well! Online casinos worldwide must follow strict rules and regulations and no error is allowed or overlooked for that matter. Although there are plenty of stories about renowned players who have mastered the art of gambling and who always won when playing against a casino, we can almost guarantee that today's technology leaves no room for error. You can try the "counting cards" technique or any other daring trick you may have heard of - chances are it won't work.

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