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Feeling lucky at slot games? Think twice!

Ah, what a great day for slots! You wake up with an optimistic attitude. You feel very lucky, but the truth is you won’t get to trust your Karma. There are a number of reasons why winning at slot games is actually a bit hard although you might be thinking: “Meh, what can go wrong? A line, free spins, bonus rounds, all the odds are in my favor!” Wrong!

In fact, the only thing slots have in “mind” is taking your money in style while you ask yourself how this is possible. You try to think that today you’ll be luckier than yesterday. You decide to stay longer in a casino or on online slot games for your personal entertainment and it feels so good when the reels are spinning! Priceless, you say? Here are some of the reasons why you are always losing at slot games:

Feeling lucky at slot games

  • Gods send you tricky messages. If the lightning strikes you, if it rains with fish and if your mother caught you mobile gambling on the toilet, you might consider you shouldn’t play slots.
  • The horoscope on television said that today just isn’t your lucky day. When the moon is in retrograde and the sun shines bright like a diamond in the sky, your sign is not lucky enough to win at slots.
  • You don’t wear your undies inside out properly. Everyone knows that superstitions have no effect if you don’t believe in them. So, next time you play slot games, turn your lingerie inside out with CONFIDENCE! Jackpot! Whaaaaat?
  • Money is the main source slots feed on. Therefore, if you don’t have enough money to spin the reel, maybe you should consider telling your parents a story about how you lost all your lifesavings and now you have a pregnant girlfriend and you desperately need money. To support her, of course!
  • LEARN HOW TO PLAY! Try doing a little research on the Internet. Slots, even though it sounds like a job that needs no qualifications, really know how to entertain the player. If you learn the basics and you don’t play only because it’s cool, maybe you’ll actually win something. Like a nickel or something…
  • Don’t underestimate the power of slot machines! Not even if you play online. Treat them well, don’t swear, talk to them, build a relationship and you will receive kindness in exchange…expressed in the form of money. There is a reason people say: “The gift that keeps on giving is a highway to Heaven!”

Slot games are very fun and interactive. It’s an easy way to win huge payoffs with no effort. But watch out! Your mood can be tricky and your Karma broken. If you always lose at slot games, check out your luck detector. Maybe it’s broken. Or maybe you should try talking to your parents about that pregnant girlfriend. Either way, in slot games, luck is always about the amount of time and money you decide to play.

How do you feel now?

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