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Famous huge Casino winners

Famous huge Casino winners

Any gambler dreams of that one magical day in which a single toss of the dice or turn of the card will bring him that big win. Sadly that can't happen for everyone who tries their hand to gamble but sometimes the very lucky few get that day. Here are some of the luckiest people to ever set foot inside of a casino.

Gloria McKenzie

In May 2013, this 84 year old grandmother from Florida hit it big when she won the Powerball lottery to the tune of $590 million, beating the odds of 1 in 175 million. She won this huge prize after she bought her ticket in a local supermarket when the person in front of her let her go first.

Cynthia Jay-Brennan

In 2001 Cynthia went through unbelievably good luck followed by tragedy. She won one of the biggest ever slot jackpots for the sum of $35 million. She then got married to her boyfriend and started planning a trip around the world. But in a horrible twist of fate, weeks later she was involved in a car accident which killed her sister, Lela, and paralyzed her from the chest down. Truly a rollercoaster of emotions from start to end.

Gonazol Garcia-Pelayo

This man was a record producer but he had always been passionate about mathematics and roulette. During the 1990s he was sure that not all casino roulette wheels were totally random. This idea was not new to the world of casinos but Garcia took it to the next level.

Starting in Spanish casinos he started watching roulette wheels for hours and recorded the results of thousands of spins. After he had enough information to see how the wheel was biased, he would start betting. After gaining a certain amount of money he would move to another casino.

Spanish casinos caught on to him after a while so he took his system to Las Vegas and continued to profit. Eventually he was too famous to not be recognized so he had to stop, but he had already made a small fortune. Nowadays all casinos have processes set in place to avoid biased wheels.

Elmer Sherwin

Elmer will go down in history as one of the luckiest slots players in the world. This is because he won the same jackpot not once, but twice. He first won $4.6 million in Las Vegas in 1989. Around 16 years later he won the same jackpot again, only this time for the massive sum of $21 million.

Don Johnson

Don went on a very incredible winning streak in Atlantic City in 2011. He only played Blackjack and managed to win $15 million while playing in three different casinos. He was not a professional gambler or card counter, people think that he simply played well and got incredibly lucky.

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