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Expert John Grochowski talks Craps

expert john grochowski talks craps

Veteran casino expert John Grochowski solves the mystery of the Craps table in a few simple examples. He points out that being good at other casino games does not necessarily make you a good Craps player and it is important to read and follow the rules at the beginning.

One of the first thing you need to know about Craps, Grochowski explains, is that you must always keep your eyes on the table when you have just joined the game. Each Craps table has a laminated disc that tells you whether the next roll is a come-out or not. If the disc in placed with the “Off” side up then the next roll is a come-out. Conversely, if the disk is placed “On” side up then the come-out roll has been played and the disc is placed on the point number.

For players that want to take advantage of the betting free odds, they should use the “put bet”, what it’s called when you’re betting a pass when there already exists a point. The “put bet” can become your worst enemy if you are not willing to take the odds. A lot of players are attracted by this style of betting because the winning odds are much higher, 8 to 4, for the players involved.

Grochowski explains that on the come out, if a player has made a pass bet, chances are they will win, either with the six ways to make 7 or the two ways to make 11. On a put bet, once the come-out has passed, you can only win if the shooter dices out your number before hitting a 7. But, if a 7 comes out you lose instantly. If the player is determined not to take odds he or she is better off with a place bet, instead of a put.

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