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Dramatic end for Negreanu’s run at WSOP 2015

dramatic end for negreanu’s run at wsop 2015

Daniel Negreanu is without a doubt one of the biggest poker superstars out there. With thousands of fans all over the world and a huge bank account, the man is without a doubt a poker sensation. But it would seem that even the best can’t always win against Lady Luck.

Negreanu was just two spots away from making the November Nine so a lot of people were left wondering what might have been. He had the winning hand before the last two cards where shown. But unluckily for him a fateful queen of hearts complete a straight for his opponent Joe McKeehen and put an end to his incredible run.

When seeing that his fate was sealed, Negreanu fell to the floor and could not believe his bad beat. All of this after he had folded an AK hand to McKeehen a couple of hands before, and rightfully so as he would have lost that hand. All of the cameras in the room were focused on Negreanu at that time and they could see him looking very defeated and disappointed. He immediately shook his opponent’s hands and gave his interview to Kara Scott, before leaving the venue.

This goes to show people that even if you’re one of the most favourite poker players of all time, a bad beat will at the wrong moment will still put you down like the rest.

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