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Czech Government better regulates gambling

czech government better regulates gambling

Following in line with other European countries, such as Romania, the Czech Government is looking to get a better foothold on gambling regulations in the country. While Romania has their work cut out for them, the Czech government is in an easier position since regulations were already in place and all they needed was to revise them.

The country’s governing body, according to the Prague Post, have tightened the belt on gambling regulations, both online and land-based to include a 35% tax raise. Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka was reported stating that "The government today adopted important instruments for more consistent regulation of gambling in our country. This is yet another important fulfilled pledge from the government's policy statement."

Some casino experts are expecting significant pull-out from casino operators in the Czech market seeing as the Finance Ministry, the body that prepared the bills to be voted on, specified that the state will lover the number of gambling machines throughout the region and also reduce gambling overall, considerably.

Raising the taxes is a strategy that is supposed to help the state’s economy but critics are wary of this move, coupled with the reduction of machines and overall gambling power. The reduction will be followed by the introduction of a loss limit to protect gambler that are at risk of losing a lot of money that they may not particularly have to begin with.

Also, gambling machines will no longer be available in restaurants and bars. A system is to be launched that will help catch underage gambling before it happens and will also keep a close eye for players prone to problem gambling.

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