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Craps strategy based on points

craps strategy based on points

Playing Craps in a land-based casino is one thing, but playing online is a whole other fish to fry. Yes, it helps to have the floor experience when it comes to certain plays and strategies. Still, even if you’re a pro Craps player in the live world, when trying to transition to the online world, you might want to brush up on your Craps literature.

Online players have actually managed to develop some cool new strategies for the online scene, and the one we’re going to be talking about in this article is a Craps strategy based on points. When outlining this strategy, online players were quick to include only bets that have the lowest house advantage. With a house advantage of only 1.4% the only bets that qualify for this sort of strategy are the Pass bet and the come.

For these two bets you get an even money payout. The point of any casino game is to lower the house advantage even further, and by using the single free odds bet, you can do just that. In order to succeed in such a challenging endeavour, you must struggle to set two points that you can then bet on.

Ok, so the game begins with a $1 Pass line bet. Now the shooter will roll the dice and if he rolls a 7 or 11, the bet wins. Conversely, if a 2, 3, or 11 is rolled then the Pass bet will lose. This will signify the end of the round and the table will be cleared for a new game to begin.

Regardless of the size of the bet the Pass and Come bets are taken into consideration separately. First we look at the Pass bet. Rolling a 7 is the worst thing you can do. The Pass bet will lose and so will the free odds bet. If the point comes up then the Pass and free odds both come out winning, are plaid out and a fresh $1 bet is placed. But, in the case that random number is rolled, that isn’t the point nor a 7, the bets stay on the table.

Now, let’s say the point is established as number 5. The Come bet will either lose or win if the roll is a 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12. If this happens the table is cleared of all bets. Still, the Come bet has one more chance. The shooter must roll a 9. In the case a 9 is indeed rolled, the Come bet chip will be moved to the number 9 box.

The box next to the 9 will represent the free odds $1 bet, and the two will go together from that point on.

Let’s recap:
- we have a Pass bet with a free odds bet depending on the 5 point
- we have the Come bet with a free odds bet on number 9

Obviously, if a 5 is rolled the first scenario wins, the payout is given and the player is allowed to make a new Pass bet. If a 9 comes up, then the Come bet wins and a new Come bet can now be placed. If you have the bad luck of rolling a 7, all bets are off and the table is cleared to start from scratch.

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