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Countries known for weird gambling games

countries known for weird gambling games

Gambling is employed world round. Many forms of gambling exist some of which are known to have started way, way before you or I were even the tiniest thought on the evolutionary scale. Dice, Card Games, Slots, and Table Game Tournaments are flourishing all over the place and they don’t seem to have any intention of stopping any time soon. That’s all good, but what we want to convey with this article is that some countries have some really strange gambling customs.

The first game we had a crack at was the French Trente et Quarante, which means thirty and forty. The idea of the game is to reach the closest hand to thirty-one. The problem we had was understanding the rules of the game.

Ok, so we get that the cards are added up in two rows and are taken at face value, we even understand that you’re looking at numbers and colours when deciding the winner. The rest, well, you’d have to ask a Frenchman because we are stuck. This Blackjack-Baccarat of a game reveals some intricate rules and if you want to be more confused try reading more about it.

Belgium is famous for their bird song betting. Yup, you read that right. Belgians put some singing birds in cages and then start a heated betting session over which bird will sing the loudest, the longest or with the highest pitch. If you think this would be a fun pass-time who are we to tell you not to do it?! Just make sure you don’t go cuckoo when the bird you bet on doesn’t even hint at thinking about singing.

Australians are famed for incorporating gambling into their culture and so we found it strange to having to put them on this list. Still, we had to mention how Aussies enjoy a game of Two-Up, meaning betting on the throw of a coin. Simple and traditional some might say, but what happens to the more ballsy ones that decide to bet on more than one throw?

We’ve actually saved the best game for last, introducing Fan Tan. A Korean game involving lacquer-coated beans. The “dealer” is a man that is supposed to cut through the beans and the bets are placed on how many beans will remain intact after the knife comes down. Apparently this ritualistic gambling game is related to male virility and success in life. Yeah, a show of force, but really? It points to baby making abilities? We’ll have to travel there and try it out ourselves.

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