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Community Poker variants

Community Poker variants

Here I will present to you some interesting Poker variants which have been invented by the community. These are fairly simple games which you can enjoy with your friends.

Texas Reach Around

To start things off each player will be dealt two face down cards. The card with the lowest rank will be wild for all players, as are all of the cards of that rank. Then there will be a round of betting starting on the dealer’s left. Now the first community card will be dealt face up, followed by another betting round. This will be done one more time for a total of two community cards. Each player will now receive another face down card (they also have the option of purchasing this card face up to protect their wild card). Another betting round will be followed by one more face up community card. Then players will have to bet again, one more face up community card will be revealed followed by the final bet. Players will now have to make the best five card hand possible.

Mutual of Omaha

This variant is very similar to Omaha except all players start off with three cards instead of four. Normal betting rounds will take place until all the community cards have been shown. At this moment players have the option to “purchase” a fourth face-down card for an extra stake which will be added to the pot. Now a final round of betting will take place. Low and high hands will be split. There is no fixed minimum low or high hand so players have to declare which way they want to go.

One Man’s Trash

This game is played exactly like Texas Hold’em until just before you have to show the flop. Instead of showing just three cards, all five cards will be revealed at the same time, followed by a betting round. Then the first player to the dealer’s left will have to select two community cards which will be replaced by two other cards from the deck. This is followed by another betting round and then the next surviving player in turn will replace another two cards. You will have to continue this betting/replacement process until all players who are still in the pot have replaced cards. After the last betting round it’s time for the showdown.

Fred Potato Poker

This is a variation of Texas Hold’em which can be enjoyed by 5 or 6 players. Each player will receive five cards and five common cards will be placed face down in the center of the table. After all the cards have been dealt, players will get to look at their hands, followed by a round of betting. All players will then discard exactly one card and then three of the community cards will be turned face up. After another round of betting players will discard yet another card and the fourth common card will be shown. Then a third bet will be placed after which players will discard another card leaving them with just two cards. After the river card will be revealed there will be the final round of betting followed by the usual showdown.

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