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China determined to eradicate illegal internet gambling

china determined to eradicate illegal internet gambling

Criminal activity over the internet is soon to be history in what concerns China. Officials have been arresting over 15,000 individuals suspected of operating illegal businesses, including online casino businesses.

Considered to have “jeopardized internet security” these individuals do not know how long to expect to be detained as police officials did not give many details on the matter. The 7,400 cases of “cybercrime” were set forth after the police conducted a lengthy investigation of over 66,000 websites, says the Ministry of Public Security.

The gambling branch, among others like pornography, explosives and firearms, was also scrutinized and the sites delivering “illegal and harmful information” were identified. Possibly connected to public criticism received by the Chinese government over the chemical explosion in Tianjin, these reveals from Tuesday seems to take the edge off the former incident and place focus on illegal online businesses.

China is world-known for its “great firewall” as the media has dubbed it, particularly because this implies an armada of online sentinels watching out for activities that are not government-approved.

The “cleaning the internet” campaign was announced in July while earlier this month a massive online gambling bust was revealed by authorities. The Chinese government’s fight against illegal online operations is taking on huge proportions as President Jinping vows to come down hard on corruption of this kind.

In the Zhejiang province a Hongbao gambling chain- Hongbao being red envelopes friends and family exchange as gifts, was discovered through surveillance of the WeChat user activity. Besides the regular exchange feature between individual users, WeChat had introduced the option to send a digital amount of money to a whole group while the app would decide how the money was dispensed to each individual of the group.

Some enterprising criminal, according to authorities, took advantage of this feature to set up illegal online gambling threads.

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