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Castle Builder slot game review

Castle Builder Slot Game Review

Castle Builder is a highly interactive online slot game that completely changes the user experience in the world of online gambling.

If you thought that online slots cannot possibly evolve any further, think again! We are happy to attest that Rabcat Gaming has succeeded in stepping up the game in the online gaming industry and GatorSlots online casino has been quick to catch onto this developing trend.

This extremely engaging and exhilarating new slot game brings a fun adventure, amazing graphics and animations, with super rewards all in one easy to follow gameplay. Continue reading through this review and find out why we went absolutely bananas over this innovating video-slot gaming style!


Castle Builder features purely blissful graphics that will carry you into this mythical world of kings and princesses, builders and castles. The visuals are absolutely stunning, which is why it is easy-breezy to get caught up in this game and want to continue the storyline to the end. As a builder you will have to travel through this fantastical world, and, as you meet knights and kings and construct castles for beautiful princesses, you will also be given the chance to gain wealth and fame for your extraordinary work. The breathtaking graphics definitely carry you seamlessly through the storyline which becomes more adventurous with each spin.

Gameplay and Symbols

The 5 reels and 15 paylines are slightly less important than the great castle you have endeavored in building on the left side of your game screen. The purpose of this game is somewhat similar to a role playing game (RPG) in which the hero, in this case you as an architect, receives a mission from the king to present him with the most grandiose and luxurious castles meant for his two daughters.

Castle Builder Slot Game

Thus, the symbols represent the king with his two daughters and one son, a sack of money, a door (which is locked), a jewels box, and of course a treasure chest are representative of this wondrous world. The wild symbol is embodied by an architect and building blocks are special symbols that help you raise the castle from the ground up. Fun animations populate the game and help the player get to know the characters better. Needless to say, the illustrations are absolutely superb and only add value to this enchanting online slot game.

Bonus Factors

The main element of the game is building each castle as you progress through the game. To do this you must spin for at least two building materials symbols. The worth of the castle depends on the amount of building symbols you receive. Getting two building symbols means you can build with a standard value block.

Three building symbols come with bronze value blocks, four with silver value blocks, and five with gold value blocks. The higher the value of the blocks with which you build your castle, the greater the value of the castle becomes, overall. This is also closely linked to the type of suitor you will be able to choose for the princess or prince to be married to and of course to the amount of prize money you will be rewarded at the conclusion of each castle.

Special Features:

  • Constructed as a level-progression game, Castle Builder allows the player to go up in levels and evolve from a low level character to a rich master builder.

  • You also get to choose a paramour for the princess/prince, and if the match is appropriate you will be rewarded with many coins.

  • Another great feature is the option of saving the game to continue playing it the next time you log in.

  • The game is made in such a way that you can continue playing it even after you have built all the castles requested by the king. It goes on forever and you are given the opportunity to build even greater more fabulous castles which ultimately leads to greater rewards.

All in all, this amazing video slots online game has definitely captured our attention and interest. With a new take on the classic slots game, Castle Builder beautifully mends fantasy role playing with gambling in one big prize-filled package.

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