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Casino operators require new ATM and kiosk tech

casino operators require new atm and kiosk tech

With the advent of the internet and, more importantly, mobile communication devices, Millennials are the first generation born with the self-servicing option at their fingertips. Anything that saves time and effort while allowing them to get back to their social media accounts and rapid texting is ok in their books.

Due to the popularity of said devices this generation has no idea what it means to ask for help from an attendant. They would rather buy it online. Apps like Uber and the barcode scanning variety make it easier for them to buy an airplane ticket and present it straight from their mobile device at the airport check-in gate, not to mention that calling a taxi has almost been made obsolete through the creation of the Uber app.

This theory about Millennials also applies when it comes to casino financial needs. It is more likely to see a Millennial at the ATM or casino kiosk than ever having them stand in line at the cash cage. They simply are used to taking care of “business” all on their own. Just because they were born into such technological times does not mean that they are the only ones taking advantage of these advancements.

Due to the fact that most age groups are also becoming acquainted with this type of automated financial assistance, ATM and Kiosks manufacturers and providers are seeing an increase in demand at casinos all over the world. Casino operators are installing more ATMs and kiosks to keep up with the growing demand and manufacturers see the need to introduce new generations of products in order to satisfy operator and customer need.

Thus, modules such as SYNK that allows gamblers to access personal info, casino promotions, and other offers, the Xchange line of kiosks, EMV tech, and FABICash ATMs are expected to soon go through a series of upgrades in order to improve customer satisfaction and experience on the gambling floors, whether online or in land-based establishments.

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