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Casino operators in Macau and abduction cover on VIP’s

casino operators in macau and abduction cover on vip’s

A lot of casinos in Macau have started facing problems due to a lot of crimes taking place around them. Most casino operators in the area have started fearing for the safety of their high-value customers and their own legal liability.

The Macau Judiciary Police have revealed that just in the last week casino-related crimes have shot up more than one third. This number has also been driven up by a 112% rise in the number of unlawful detention cases, in which a lot of gamblers who can’t afford to play their debts are sometimes held against their will while friends or relatives try to find the sums necessary to free their loved ones.

The South China Morning Post reported on Saturday that a couple of casino and hotel operators from Macau were asking insurance companies about the potential for specialized risk policies to mitigate the potential downsides of a kidnapping incident involving one of their high-rollers.

The reason they are doing this is because they want to be protected from legal liability in case something would happen. These policies would also allow casinos to deploy crisis responders to attempt to defuse the situation before it escalates to a point from which you can’t go back. The next few months will be very interesting and we’ll get to see how all of this will pan out in the end.

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