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Casino advertising becoming harder in Macau

Casino advertising becoming harder in Macau

It seems that some lawyers in the area of Macau have started publishing guidelines to recognize illegal gambling advertisements in Macau.

According to their instructions, ads which show gaming symbols like casino tables or chips will be illegal. It will also be illegal to promote your gambling company through regular websites or by using innocuous or apparently unrelated activities to promote gambling, such as lucky draws or rewards point schemes.

"It appears that these instructions are illegal and against the gaming contracts and Law 13/2009 (The Macau Legal Framework of Internal Sources of Law). There is not mention of the instructions in Law 13/2009. In order to bring such changes it would have to be executed through a new law or an administrative regulation." Said lawyer Pedro Cortes about the case.

He also noted how this law could have a negative impact to sectors dependent on advertising such as marketing agencies and social media companies.

"I've heard of cases of companies selling gaming equipment that have become averse after the instructions to advertise their products. This seems totally absurd in the world's gaming mecca. It seems to me that those companies are not only authorized but should advertise their products and that is not breaching the law. If advertising their products was to violate the law, then it would be the same as banning the advertising of French wine oak barrels in Bordeaux." Cortes had to add to this whole debacle.

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