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Cartoon Slots

Probably one of the best ways to describe an ideal lifestyle is living carelessly like a kid while having lots of money - like an adult. You don’t have to put a stop to those fun shenanigans just because you have to make a living.

Why not have your antics while making some cash? The online casino is the grown-up fun that takes you on a rollercoaster of excitement. What could be the favorite game on a virtual casino? The slots machine, of course.

Now, let’s assume that the TV shows you know and love, as the grown-up kid that you are, could bring you some money. That’s why you need to know about the best cartoon inspired slots. We’re talking about the most prolific animated characters from the classic Betty Boop or Pink Panther to the more modern South Park or Family Guy themed slots, all of them can put some money in your pocket.

Examples of popular cartoon slots

Let’s talk a little about the classics like The Pink Panther Slots machine. It arrives with 5 reels and 40 paylines which means plenty of money-making opportunities for you. Pink Panther makes you a slick offer of 2 jackpots and 5 bonus games: Pink Pow, Crack the Pink Code, The Color Pink, Wheel of Pink and Pink Trail.

cartoon slots pink panther

That naive air of seduction never went out of style; we bet the Betty Boop slots machine will charm you thanks to its graphics and versatility because it already has two other versions like Betty Boop Love Meter and Betty Boop Fortune Teller. The Betty Boop slots games will entertain you with all sorts of funny features like “How hot are you”, “Light Up Betty’s Life” and many more.

cartoon slots betty boop

If you’re into car racing with cartoon characters then Cartoon Capers Slots is the rush for you. What about winning some money with help from the hilarious Dick Dastardly who can bring you some free spins? All the gang is there too like Penelope Pittstop and who could forget Mutley the Dog.

We can all remember the legendary coyote running, chasing an ostrich and placing traps all over the dessert. Now there a slots machine that uses a similar theme with the single difference that the overzealous coyote has many more targets to chase after. A useful hint with this tricky Coyote slots game is to play for a long time even if it’s for free and afterwards launch into the money mode action.

cartoon slots pleasure of life

One of the most popular animated TV-series must be South Park; this social satire is now available as a slots machine theme. So get ready for the encounter of a lifetime with Cartman, Stan and Kenny. These awkwardly amusing kids can bring you cash money so be nice to them. Watch out for Bonus Games, Free Spins or Sticky Wilds.

The dysfunctional family everybody loves is here, Family Guy slots game has all the quirky humor you love plus some serious money for you to win. This slots game made its debut in 2012 to instant success. How could have not been successful when you have bonus rounds where Peter gets to fight his deadly enemy, The Giant Chicken. The iconic Stewie is given the chance of doing what he likes best, creating chaos, destroying different regions of the world.

You have an entire universe of money-making fun at your fingertips. These beloved characters bring in the cash and the laughter, so what are you waiting for?

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