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Beijing opposes to Taiwan's casino project

Beijing opposes to Taiwan's casino project

Mainland China legislation does not allow gambling. Government warns illegal operator will be caught and trialed while other tough measures will be enforced.

From a political standpoint, Taiwan considers itself an independent state while Beijing treats it as 23rd province. This situation injects considerable tension into the China-Taiwan relationship.

Taiwan has a draft bill in the works, meant to regulate the construction and management of casinos. In 2009 the government of Taiwan approved a bill that permitted remote Taiwanese islands to freely choose, through referendum, whether or not to allow casino developments on their territory.

At the time, Beijing had been very clear on its stand in this matter, vehemently opposing any casino business on Taiwan’s islands. Kinmen Island, located approximately 10 kilometers away from the Chinese province of Fujian, is one of the islands consenting a casino business. Beijing threatened that it would withdraw “The Three Small Links” agreement if Taiwan decided to go ahead with the casino project.

“Three Small Links” is a 2008 agreement that refers to the channels that allow postal and public transportation, as well as direct trade between China’s ports and the Taiwanese islands.

A casino project in Taiwan would attract many famous casino operators. According to some reports, parties have already expressed their interest in investing in Taiwan.

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