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Apple Watch slot games popping up on App Store

apple watch slot games popping up on app store

Unless you’re a hermit living in a cave somewhere you’ve probably heard about Apple and their line of products. They’ve continuously revolutionized the tech world, first with their computers while slowly moving on to MP3 players and mobile phones. And since smart watches have started being more and more popular amongst the masses, of course they would also hop on the band-wagon. So that is how the Apple Watch was born and promptly thrown out onto the market.

In no time at all were companies scrambling to create all sorts of different apps for this new gadget. And of course that gambling companies would not be left behind so now we also have slot machines for the tiny device. There are already a couple of online slot machines which you can use with the Apple watch. They come in different styles and sizes but they have one thing in common, they can’t accept real money yet. They are all free to download and you have the option to buy coins in packs which range from $1.99 to $9.99. But rest assured huge gambling companies are already working on fixing this so you can directly wager with real money on these games.

If you were to tell an avid gambler 20 years ago that he would one day be able to gamble just with a little device on his wrist, he would have called you a madman. Truly exciting times we live in now, aren’t they?

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