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All about Scossa

all about scossa

Scossa is an Italian dice game which can be found in a few casinos all across the world. “Scossa” means toss in Italian, as in tossing dice. A lot like craps, there is no skill involved in playing, you just have to make your bets and throw the dice. So basically the game has the simplicity of roulette but is very much like a game of craps in that it uses dice. As a straight comparison to craps, the odds on the exotic bets are a lot better.

Rules of Play

In order to play the game of Scossa you have to place your chips on the table layout on the numbers, the lines between numbers, range bets, hard way bets, lines between hard way bets or on the Triple 7’s Betting Area. Players can place chips on Lucky 7 for Dealer in order to tip their dealers. Players are solely responsible for placing their chips on the table. When the dealer has called “No More Bets”, a lot of pairs of dice will be given to the Shooter. Then the Shooter can choose a pair of dice out of all of them. The Shooter then rolls the dice, making sure to hit the wall that is opposite from him. After this the dealer will remove all of the losing bets then pay the winning bets. When a 2, 3 or 12 have been rolled, the dealer will assign the next player in a clockwise direction at the table as the Shooter for the next round of play.

Bet Options

  • Straight Number Bets - You will win when the result of the dice is the exact number that you chose to place your wager on (2 through 12)
  • Split Bets - In this case you will win if the dice total is one of the numbers adjacent to the line that you placed your wager on ( 7 or 2, 6 or 3, 5 or 4, 7 or 12, 8 or 11, 9 or 10)
  • Range Bets - This is a type of win you can get when the result is one of the four numbers in the range you placed your wager on (Low - 3, 4, 5 or 6, High - 8, 9, 10 or 11)
  • Hard Way Bets - You will win if both dice have the same number on them ( two of any of the six numbers possible)
  • Hard Way Split Bets - You will win this bet if the result of the dice is one of the Hard Way numbers which are adjacent to the line on which you place your initial bet on (2 or hard 4, hard 4 or hard 6, hard 6 or hard 8, hard 8 or hard 10, hard 10 or hard 12)
  • Triple 7’s Bonus Bet - You can win this rare bet if the Shooter rolls three 7’s in a row
  • Lucky 7 for Dealer - The dealer wins the money if the Shooter rolls a 7.

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