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All about Poker Tournament re-buys

all about poker tournament re-buys

Looking to be a successful poker player? Well, usually you need to be able to take the right decisions at the right time and doing a poker tournament re-buy is one of those things you should be sharp about. If you weren’t successful in your first game take, you might be able to win your money back with a re-buy but word of caution: you must be able to determine which re-buys favour you as a player and diss the ones that don’t.

If you’re playing a standard free-out then you will not be allowed to re-buy no matter how much you’re keep on regaining that small fortune lost. For the tournaments that do allow re-buys the fee will most likely be the same one as the entry fee, so if you can muster up the dough and feel you have the proper skills to kill it, then by all means give yourself another shot at it.

To make it a bit clearer and have the re-buys make more sense we’ve chosen to look specifically at a No-Limit Texas Hold’em event that will have blinds increasing with each round.

The best time to do a re-buy is early in the tournament. At this point it is most likely that your bankroll hasn’t suffered much loss so you can confidently get back into the game. If you really kick ass at the game then you have one more reason why you should re-buy. The more skilled you are the higher the chances that you will sweep the stakes and go home a happy camper.

If you notice that everyone else is re-buying then why not get in on it with the rest of them and do a re-buy yourself. Again, be mindful of your bankroll and confident in your skill level, otherwise, going home while cutting your losses is smarter than losing it all, any day.

If after several rounds the game has an add-on then it’s safe to do a re-buy. An add-on can usually get you double if not even triple the chips of the buy-in or re-buy, so it is definitely worth the shot, if even just to break even. Also, if the other players are cashing it’s probable that the 10% they are cashing will turn into 20% for you on a re-buy.

Conversely, there are solid reasons why not to do a re-buy.

If your hands are not what they should be or if you are just not that good of a player it is clear that you should definitely stay away from a re-buy. If bad luck is on your side, partnered with bad hands and a bad play, you might as well call it quits.

Sure, you’ve tried your luck at playing with the top dogs, but in the end they will still be top dogs if your experience level is inferior to theirs. Time to retire with grace and hopefully you will have learned a thing or two during the play to be used another day. Next, it is not a good idea to re-buy when there are tons of blinds already in the game. Best to stick around and see how the pros do it, learn a thing or two, and know next time that if you feel a re-buy is in order taking a chance might just work in your favour. After all, no pain no gain, they say!

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