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7 Weird things banned from casinos

7 weird things banned from casinos

Granted casinos can have the greatest scenes in the world but also some of the most bizarre ones. For one reason or another casinos in Las Vegas have decide to ban a few things that might make an on looking gambler raise an eyebrow. Although gambling might be legal in quite a few parts of the world and even prostitution is tolerated, you’ll definitely have a laugh after reading about the items on our list.

As stranger as it may sound feeding the homeless was not allowed in and around casino territory. This ban was also enforced on the streets and it wasn’t just that you couldn’t share your food with someone at the park that looked like they needed it more, but also moving soup kitchens were stopped from opening their doors for a while. Luckily a judge rescinded this ban and all is as it should. You can feed the homeless stress-free, knowing that you will not be taken to jail for helping someone out.

Bath salts, yep! Bath salts! Why in the world would casinos ban bath salts? Isn’t this one of the perks of staying at a deluxe casino? We’ve asked ourselves the same questions and this is what we came up with: apparently bath salts have the effects of narcotics when smoked, snorted, injected or even ingested. Who would have known? We are now wondering who the pioneer to discover such a thing was and how did that go for them.

Out of all the things you could ban in Las Vegas we were definitely not expecting Hip-Hop concerts to be on the list. Apparently lots of violence occurs when such events take place so in 2005 any Hip-Hop related shows had to be cancelled due to a ruling from the Gaming Control Board. Curiously enough, alcohol accounts for more than half the violent incidents on casino floors and no one seems to be too eager to outlaw its consumption.

We laughed out loud when finding out that Hula-Hoops are also banned from being used on casino premises. Illegal street performers populate Las Vegas sidewalks and it so happens that the fault had to fall down on someone’s head. Hula-Hoop dancers were the ones to take one for the team as the city council decided they were to blame for all the evils in the world. Can’t find one Hula-Hoop in the whole of Las Vegas, now that’s just plain sad.

We’ve saved the best for last, and since we weren’t particularly surprised at this fact, we’re willing to wager you won’t be either. We’re talking here about the 5th strangest thing to be banned in casinos: Paris Hilton. A 5 year ban was imposed on poor Paris in 2010 by famous casino mogul Steve Wynn. This came as a consequence to Paris being indicted for cocaine possession. Wynn raised the ban and Paris can once more party hardy at Las Vegas Wynn hotel clubs. Yay, go Paris!

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