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5 Things never to do in Blackjack

5 things never to do in blackjack

A lot of players make mistakes when playing Blackjack. Whether they don’t fully grasp the rules or just like playing recklessly, they tend to make all sorts of bad plays. Here are 5 of the worst things you could do during a game of Blackjack.

1. Believing Blackjack is all luck

If you consider that all you need to win at Blackjack is a little bit of luck, I suggest you find another game which is based more on luck alone. Blackjack is not all luck. The odds of winning change with every hand you play because every card missing from the dealer’s deck will affect your odds. On individual hands sure, luck plays a role, but in the long run, a player’s skill will overtake luck.

2. Betting on side bets

Nowadays, casinos have implemented side bets on Blackjack tables in order to increase their revenue because their overall edge is pretty thin. They’re usually pretty cheap and come in various types: Pair Square (bet that you will be dealt a pair), Bonus Blackjack (bet that the dealer or player gets a Blackjack) and so on. The real problem with them is that you will lose money in the long run because the odds are clearly not in your favour.

3. Playing when tired or drunk

How many times have you seen a guy who could barely stand straight playing Blackjack? If you’re really tired you shouldn’t play Blackjack because you’ll just make mistakes. The same goes for drinking too much while playing. In order to play Blackjack properly you need to focus and make correct plays.

4. Using a Progressive Betting System

Most players use some form of progressive betting system meaning they change the size of their best depending on the outcome of their last hand. The problem with this is that it doesn’t change your odds of winning in any way. So by using this system you’re just fooling yourself.

5. Not scouting the tables

Sometimes the rules are different from one table to the next or from one casino to another. You shouldn’t join a game without at first knowing the rules and whether other tables have better rules. You should know which rules favour the player and then scout the tables that use them.

Whether you’re a Blackjack professional or just starting out we hope these rules have given you a little insight. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other factors you need to take into account. Some you can read about and some you will learn only if you keep playing.

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