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4 Interesting Chinese gambling superstitions

4 interesting chinese gambling superstitions

Chinese people are one of the most superstitious people in the world. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Their entire culture is steeped in fables and ancient myths surrounding a lot of subjects which sound like something out of a fantasy novel. So if you’re ever in Macau and hear a Chinese man yell out Deng or Ding, know that they’re not yelling out random words but in fact are adhering to some type of superstition in which they truly believe.

The colour red represents joy and good fortune in the Chinese culture. Thus many people believe that wearing red when visiting a casino will bring the good luck. Even red underwear is good, any type of red piece of clothing seems to do the trick. So when at a poker table, never bet against the Chinese man dressed in a large red table cloth, he knows what he’s doing, probably.

Another element which influences the decisions of Chinese gamblers is feng shui. Feng shui is the belief that the world is full of chi or force. This chi is either positive or negative and it can be manipulated to your advantage. This automatically extends to gambling where Chinese people who frequent casinos will usually avoid the main entrance completely because legends say it is cursed by feng shui masters.

Yet another popular belief is praying to the gambling gods. This is such a big thing for Chinese gamblers that there are specific circumstances in which you can give a shout out to these omniscient spirits. Making offerings before going to a casino is also encouraged. Doing all of these things will surely make you lucky and prosperous, cause gambling gods are totally a thing.

I saved the “best” for last so here it is. Another popular superstition is either washing or not washing your hands before playing in a casino. Although the washing part is certainly fine, you can never be clean enough, especially in a casino. But not washing your hands on the other hand makes me want to make a mental note. If I’m ever in a Chinese casino, don’t touch anything with my bare hands.

If you ever find yourself in China and feel like gambling, remember some of these superstitions and put them to good use if you’re into these types of things. Except for the not washing your hands one, because that is just gross.

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