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36% Revenue drop for Macau in June

36% Revenue drop for Macau in June

Compared to the state of the gambling industry in Nevada, that has seen a 3% statewide increase in revenues, Macau is not as fortunate. In fact Macau seems to be suffering from a prolonged consistent drop in gambling income, with the month of June representing the second lowest month on record when it comes to earnings.

Still, considering this is actually a better percentage than last year’s, the figures are actually not as bad. It seems that overall, while in Macau percentages have dropped in Nevada they are slowly rising, if even with just a 1% increase. One casino is looking to expand its branches into other areas, particularly Atlanta, but since Georgia has not legalized gambling yet this might be a long road ahead.

Companies are looking to develop gambling businesses in other parts of the world specifically because of the uncertain market that Macau is now witnessing. The state of gambling in this part of the world is unquestionably influencing the gambling industry all over the world with some operators feeling a 15% decrease in revenue coming out of Macau.

One measure alone has helped margins from plummeting even lower: the allowance for Chinese players to visit Macau twice a month compared to twice in two months as previously legislated. With visa rules more relaxed, Chinese high rollers can now stay for 7 days in one visit compared to the prior allowed time frame of 5 days.

With Beijing loosening up the leash on Macau and allowing for a more relaxed visitation rule, investors are gaining faith that the region will once again see a good influx of players and revenues will again be on the rise.

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