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3 of the Oldest winning Poker players

3 of the oldest winning poker players

Poker used to be a game dominated by people with a vast experience stretching over a career of many years. Nowadays though with the uprising of online Poker, a lot of new players get the chance to practice their game enough to be able to make it to the top quickly. This has allowed a lot of newcomers to break through into the world of professional Poker after playing the game for only a couple of years. But now I’m going to tell you about 3 people who even though have very long careers still manage to keep making money.

First on this list is Scotty Nguyen. Born in Vietnam in 1962 to a poor family, Nguyen was sent away by his mother due to the war in Vietnam. He was first sent to Taiwan and at the age of 14 he found a sponsor in California. He was expelled from school for going to underground Poker games. He made it big in 1985 when he started playing in Las Vegas. He has lost his bankroll many times over the years due to his drug and alcohol problems, but he always keeps coming back.

Chris Ferguson is also a name that instills fear in the hearts of his opponents. An old school regular at the Poker table, Chris has in fact been a regular at all the big Poker tournaments, raking in an astonishing 63 money finishes. He isn’t a one trick pony either as he can play many types of games and various formats. There are plenty of players that crush tournaments, but none of them do it like Chris.

And last but certainly not least we have Doyle Brunson. The 81 year old is definitely one of the oldest Poker players still around, with a career spanning over 50 years. There are few players who would dare challenge Doyle in a Poker battle, whether it’s Omaha, Stud or Hold’em. The most amazing thing is that he has managed to maintain his position in the high level scene for such a long time. He is without a doubt one of the greatest Poker players alive.

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