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10 Fascinating facts about gambling

10 fascinating facts about gambling

As the world changes so does the gaming industry. Switching over from land-based to online casinos has been quite an interesting experience for operators and gamblers alike and gambling being one of the oldest form of entertainment among humans has also had to flow with the times. Today you can not only travel to the nearest casino establishment for some enjoyment but you can also play online out of the comfort of your own home.

In this article we offer up some interesting facts about casino gambling that will make a new gambler want to experience a new hobby and the seasoned one chuckle a little because time and experience has definitely taught him a lesson or two.

#1 From China to the West

Although gambling is suspected to have been born in China, the imported games were revamped by the French. Thus, “hearts” represented the clergy, “swords” represented kings, “sticks” were reserved for the peasants, and “plaid” embodied the merchants.

#2 The classics still prevail

In the US alone there are 65+ million people that play Poker regularly. For this reason and for the fact that Poker is a world-wide phenomenon for the past few decades, Poker tournaments are some of the most known and attended events on the planet.

#3 Percentages don’t lie

It is estimated that at least 38% of all Americans have visited Las Vegas. Let’s not mention the amount of out of country tourists that are attracted to the City of Lights every year. Also, 87% of Las Vegas residents engage in regular gambling.

#4 Most popular game

Blackjack has long been the favorite among table games and it holds its position on top. Together with Poker these two gambling games are two of the most wide-spread and renowned as well as the most profit bringing passed-times. Worth mentioning is that these two games are also among top favorites online.

#5 Enterprising President

A well-known fact is that President Nixon actually financed his 1946 election with money he had won while being a sailor in the navy during WWII. Quite the entrepreneur, Nixon brought his own to the poker table as well as the presidential office.

#6 Slot-it Up!

Out of all the games available in the casino 68% of players engage in slots playing. The slot machine was first invented by a car mechanic. Charles Fey was looking to offer his customers an entertaining time while waiting for their car to be fixed up. One of the most memorable slots jackpot win happened in 1998 and the winner received $27.6 million.

#7 Hold’Em steady

Texas Hold’Em, one of the most popular forms of Poker was introduced in Texas in the 1900s. Since then it has remained the most widely played Poker variant in the world.

#8 Better over time

While in the 70s the age range of gamblers was from 35 to 55, in present times this range has been widened to include players between 17 up to 80 years old. You could say that like a fine wine, gambling also gets better with time.

#9 Craps I won!

In the 50s a sailor was well-known for his lucky streak while playing Craps. He hit 27 straight wins. The chances of this happening to any one person at any one time are 1 in 12,467,890. Talk about Lady Luck smiling down on you. He must have been a helluva sailor.

#10 We call Bingo, no Keno!

Last, but not least, the game of Keno is said to have funded the construction of the Great Wall of China. Bingo is a spin-off of Beano and is detected to have started in 1530 in Italy. Beano was most likely the in-between for Keno and Bingo games.

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